Ferodo Competition Brake Pad VW Golf Mk4 (Front)

Ferodo Competition Brake Pad VW Golf Mk4 (Front)
Caliper Manufacture: ATECaliper Manufacture: ATE 2Caliper Manufacture: ATE 3Caliper Manufacture: ATE 4
Caliper Manufacture: ATE 5Compound: DS2500,  Caliper Manufacture: LUCAS/TRWCaliper Manufacture: LUCAS/TRW 2Compound: DS3000,  Caliper Manufacture: LUCAS/TRW

Our Price:  £134.60(Exc. 20% VAT)(£161.52 Inc. VAT)

The DS2500 Competition Brake Pads are capable of ensuring efficient braking at both high and low speeds, effectively reducing the stopping distances whilst offering a consistent brake pedal feel from the very start. The fact that the DS2500 pads are very low in compressibility means it is a noticeably firm pedal that provides low wear rates for discs and pads. Accompany these traits with low wheel dusting and good noise characteristics, and you have the perfect compound for the brake pad for a driver who demands the ultimate in track day braking performance. DS2500 pads offer a consistent coefficient of friction (0.42) at all temperatures.Alternatively, the DS3000 compound brake pads offer an extremely high friction level at any temperature or speed and have a higher initial bite compared to other brake pads. The bedding in time is up to 50% faster than other materials. The flat friction curve characteristics of DS3000 brake pads give the driver constant predictability in all conditions