RRS Double Action Cooling Vest

RRS Double Action Cooling Vest

Our Price:  £280.00(Exc. 20% VAT)(£336.00 Inc. VAT)

Double action cooling vest

The best ever way to fight against heat !

The most evolved cooling vest.

Double functions :

Provided with 4 cooling pads, maintaining a 14 constant temperature for 3 hours.

The basis of this cooling vest is made with polymer fibers, for water restraint and long time coolness diffusion.

Polymer fibers, very absorptive, store the water deeply, and provide coolness for many hours.

Cooling vest may be worn on clothes.

Doesn't wet !

Stylish design.

Extremely usefull for rallying, it keeps coolness all day long.

A perfect product during racetrack races, when drivers need to recover with no delay.

Our cooling vest me be used for many other activities, cycling, running, and all kind of sports.

Sizes : from XS to XXL