RRS Heating Coloured Helmet Dryer

RRS Heating Coloured Helmet Dryer
Colour: BlackColour: BlueColour: GreenColour: Orange
Colour: PinkColour: RedColour: WhiteColour: Yellow

Our Price:  £82.93(Exc. 20% VAT)(£99.52 Inc. VAT)

220V heating helmet dryerHeating helmet dryer, perfect for motorsports, and many other sports/activities. (horse riding, cycling...)Dry your helmet during assistance stages ! Be sure to wear a dryed helmet. Extremely usefull during hot weather period, or heavy rains.2 drying cycles : 45 or 90 minutes, with interupted warmed air flow, in order to dry your precious helmet softly.Drying cycle will automatically stops after program ends.His unique design fits to all kind of helmets, and provides warm air flow everywhere in your helmet interior.You can place your dryer horizontally, or vertically on a wall, to hang up your helmet and dry it.A delicate fragrance bottle comes with your helmet heating dryer, to provide a nice fresh smell.You can load it very easily, and re-fill with your own fragrance or sterilizer liquid.Available in 8 different colours.Power : 220v plug.